Cultures in America

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We all know that the United States is an extraordinary place of diversity. Although to some extent there is a mainstream American culture, there are also hundreds if not thousands of cultures represented in the United States. Which in my opinion makes the United States an exciting place to live. You can stay within your own country and experience cultures from around the world. It also makes global education even more important for people to appreciate and understand the people that live near them. Even in Iowa, which is not state known for cultural diversity, I can come in contact with people from other cultures very frequently. If you seek out these opportunities where you live you can learn more about the ethnic groups that live near you.

Cultures in America is a directory from A to Z of cultures with America. Within each culture you will see a historical overview of that culture in America, aspects of culture such as cuisine and religion and contact information for organizations and museums related to the culture.

Teaching Tips

  • Use the website as a starting point for a research project about a culture in America.
  • Reach out to the organizations listed at the bottom of each page for interviews or additional resources.
  • Give students an overview by having them choose three different culture and have them write down three facts about each. It may not teach them about all cultures in America, but it gives them an idea of how many complex cultures exist in America.
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