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Today I went to China and my thirty students traveled with me.

We saw temples, markets, statues and even a wedding. Next week we might go to India, Kenya or tour around the United States. The school I work for pays for my class to travel around the world. Doesn’t your school have the budget for international field trips?

I am just kidding, but my students really did travel around China today using 360 Cities and tomorrow we really might see India or Kenya. 360 Cities allows you to virtually travel to places around the world. The possibilities are endless for this resource. You can search for a country, city or even a specific landmark. Once you find what you want to see you can explore the location in full screen mode which allows you to move an iPad in the direction you want to see. You can even click on white arrows to go to another location within the image such as the inside of a temple.

If this is not immersive enough for you, the “Watch in VR” button allows you to use virtual reality goggles such as Google Cardboard to fully experience the image. Now we just need to get Smell-O-Vision back and we will never need to travel anywhere ever again. Then again, in person experiences are always better, but this certainly helps close the gap between reading about a place in a textbook and traveling there.

Teaching Tips

  • Play music in the background that relates to the experience.I played traditional Chinese music during my students trip to China.
  • Have students write a summary about their tour. You could even have them reference subjects discussed in class. For example, my students studied Taoism so they recognized the yin yang symbol in one of the temples in China.
  • Give students the time and freedom to explore. They may learn something unrelated to the lesson, but it still might be worthwhile.


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