World Population Clock

Watch the world population increase in front of your very eyes.

World Population Clock¬†(make sure to click “Go to New Pop Clock” when first clicking on the website) from United States Census Bureau lets you see population increases in the United States and the world in real time. Students are obsessed with watching the numbers increase and you will be too. The World Population Clock¬†also lists the top ten most populous countries, the birth/death rate and tables with population statistics about the United States such as growth by region and gender. The website even lets you enter a date as far back as 2010 to see how much the United States population has changed during that time.

Teaching Tips

  • This is a great way to start a population growth discussion to introduce students to some of the basic facts about the topic.
  • Give students time to explore the many table, maps and other features of the site.
  • Explain to students where the changing numbers come from. Many of my middle school students start off by assuming they are literally recording every birth and death in real time.
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