McDonald’s Around the World

The menu at McDonald’s is always the same, right? Cheeseburgers, McRice burgers, sausage, egg and twisty pasta…

If you haven’t seen these menu items it might be because you haven’t visited McDonald’s in Hong Kong or Singapore. McDonald’s tests out menu items in different places in order to appeal to the tastes of the local population. While you can always find McDonald’s staples like fries and hamburgers, you will find menu items around the world that sound nothing like McDonald’s in the United States.

McDonald’s Around the World¬†from the Chicago Tribune shows 45 menu items that you can never get here. It is fascinating what McDonald’s thinks will be tasty in other countries. Some of them are probably not appealing to most Americans, while others seem very American. One example of this I have noticed in my travels is a bacon and potato pie. This seems like it would perfect for American McDonald’s, but I guess it is more popular in Japan.

Bacon and Potato Pie in Japan

Teaching Tips

  • Have students research the cuisine in a country and make a few McDonald’s menu items based on tastes of the country.
  • Explain how this relates to globalization and use the Starbucks and McDonald’s info graphic to help the discussion.
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