Starbucks and McDonald’s

Sorry if the title of this post gave you a craving for a frappuccino or a Big Mac, but it will help you to teach about globalization.

This Starbucks and McDonald’s┬áinfo graphic from Princeton University is an excellent way to visually understand the spread of American businesses throughout the world. As you can see, it also focuses on other fast food chains as well. This is also a great way to introduce the concept of interdependence since it takes as many as 19 different countries to create one cup of Starbucks coffee.

Students will run to class tomorrow when you tell them the next lesson is about Starbucks and McDonald’s. Don’t be surprised if they show up disappointed because they didn’t realize you weren’t actually serving french fries and coffee.

Teaching Tips

  • For the Starbucks map have students name examples of specific countries where Starbucks is located and specific countries where Starbucks is not located. Discuss why Starbucks may not be located in those countries, but still relies on those countries for supplies.
  • Have students research another American business and create a similar map showing where the business is most common in the world.
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