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Google-Arts-and-Culture-FeaturedIf you have ever visited a museum and wished your entire class could see the exhibits along with you, you might be in luck.

Google Arts and Culture features interactive exhibits with artifacts and descriptions just like you were in a famous museum. In fact, Google Arts and Culture might even be better because you can see many of the artifacts close up. You can search for specific artifacts, museums and landmarks or you can use one of the curated collections like Propaganda: United States vs Germany which features a comparison between Nazi and American propaganda posters during World War II.

The “Zoom In” section of Google Arts and Culture features “zoomed in” images from art museums around the world. Sights in and Around Kyoto from Shimane Art Museum in Japan shows temples, living quarters and shrines from all around Kyoto,Japan in the mid-1600s on gold-leafed paper What a great way to combine the study of art, culture and history!

Get your Google Cardboard out, because Google Arts and Culture also has virtual tours.Just click on the Pegman (who know him from Google Maps and Street View) and you will end up in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in no time.

Teaching Tips

  • Create a project where students explore a curated collection describing the different artifacts and performing more in depth research on a few of the items. Students will feel like they are taking more ownership if they have a choice.
  • When focusing a country or certain world region choose a collection that goes with it to helps students explore the history and culture of the place.


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