Google Street View



Google Street View is no longer just for finding your house.

It can be used as an amazing teaching tool to show students places around the world. Google has curated collections of 360 degree images, so if you want to see highlights of Thailand, no problem! Staircases of Hong Kong? Why not!

See Mont Blanc, Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal and bring your class with you all without buying a plane ticket.

If you are looking to be a producer of images for Google Street View, feel free. Google allows you to publish your own images using a 360 camera.

Teaching Tips

  • Use this map of where Google Street View is available. As class discuss why Google Street View is not available in some parts of the world. You could even have the class write an email to Google (real or fake) to petition them to spread it to more places.
  • Have students create their dream vacation by choosing a collection from the gallery and describing the different destinations with additional research.
  • If you have access to a 360 camera, students can create a collection using local places to publish on Google Street View.
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