Nope, I did not spell that wrong. On GeoGuessr participants scan 360 degree images of different places around the world. Using the details in the image such as physical geography, architecture,and languages on signs as clues players try to guess the correct location as closely as possible by dropping a pin on the map. The closer to the actual location the more points you receive. You can play GeoGuessr in single player or challenge mode. You can choose to do a world map or focus on a specific theme such as the European Union. Often times students simply memorize the location of countries instead of creating a mental image of the characteristics of places around the world. This will help students to create a visual memory of different countries instead of simply the location.

Teaching Tips

  • Incorporate a lesson on climate zones and areas of similar latitude. By understanding how countries at similar latitudes have a similar climate and physical geography, students can start to see patterns. For example, noticing lush green plants might help students to understand that the location could be close to the equator with a tropical rain forest climate.
  • Hold students accountable for remembering the location even if they are far away with their guess. Make sure they look at the correct location on the map.


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