TapQuiz Maps

Fun, interactive and effective TapQuiz Maps is a free app that helps students learn world geography quickly. You can choose a region of the world and play games to help you learn the location of the countries. Based on your time and accuracy you can earn stars until you have mastered that region. The name of a country comes up at the bottom of the screen and students must quickly tap the correct country until they get all of the countries correct in that region. Much better than the old fashioned blank paper maps, TapQuiz Maps helps students to interact with the maps to form a more lasting memory.


Teaching Tips

  • “Have you learned the location of all countries in the Middle East?” says a teacher to their student. The student says “yes,of course!”. You no longer have to depend on their word alone. They can prove it to you by checking the app to see if they have earned all the stars for a particular region.
  • Use TapQuiz Maps as a bell ringer to get the class started. Even five minutes of practice can go a long way.
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