Are you ever frustrated with the quality of information that students find on the internet? Sometimes when you give students too much freedom to research they come back with information that is questionable to say the least.

Using CultureGrams is one way to make sure your students are reading quality information about the world. (Note: You will need a paid subscription with a username and password to access CultureGrams. Consult your school about accessing CultureGrams if you don’t already have it. It is worth it!)

The main page of CultureGrams has four portals: World Edition, Kids Edition, States Edition and Provinces Edition.

World Edition and Kids Editions contain information about almost every country in the world. Textbooks do not even some close to providing the level of in depth information about each country in the world. The World Edition is at a higher reading level than the Kids Edition and includes information about topics such as history, land, climate, attitudes, gestures and even physical appearance.

The Kids Edition is at a lower reading level and includes topics that might be more interesting for younger students such as holidays, schooling and life as a kid. The Can You Say It sections lets students practice with learning a few words in the main language of the country. My middle school students use both the World and Kids Editions.

The States Edition provides information on every US state and the Province Edition provides an overview of each Canadian province.

Whether you use CultureGrams for younger or older students, for research on a particular country or to learn about cultural norms around the world CultureGrams is an extremely valuable tool.

Teaching Tips

  • Assign each student a country as you learn about different regions around the world and have them create a presentation focused on the information about the country on CultureGrams.
  • Students can choose two different countries in different regions of the world and compare them using the information on CultureGrams.


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