Game on!

GameOn lets you challenge your students to a review of world geography. When starting the game you can choose a theme such as places, cities, or people and things. Once you start the game, students will type in a unique code. You will be able to see all the players in the game.

A picture of a city or landmark and the name will come up on the screen and students will have approximately 30 seconds to answer the question by putting a pin on a world map. At the end of each question, the people with the closest guesses will get more points. As the teacher, you will be able to see how many miles each student was from the correct location.

Teaching Tips

  • Students will need a fairly high level of knowledge to do well in this game. Use the game for students who have already studied world geography.
  • If you are using this game for students starting to learn world geography, use it as a tool to assess the places in the world that students know the least about. For example when students need to find Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, if they are thousands of miles of away you know you need to spend more time on the geography of the Middle East.
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