CNN 10

As it states on the website for CNN 10 it is a “news show that explains global news to a global audience”. Each episode is 10 minutes long and focuses on a variety of different topics related to major world events, politics and stories that are just plain heartwarming and fun. It will certainly keep everyone’s attention in the room.

In case, you don’t have time to watch an episode before showing it to the class, you can always read the transcript that accompanies each episode.  The explanations and visuals that go with each story are perfect for all ages. The episodes are posted online daily so they are extremely topical and up to date. Friday’s episode always ends with a dramatic collage of photos from the week set to moving music.

Teaching Tip

  • Use CNN 10  a few days a week to catch students up on major current events.
  • Have students choose one story from CNN 10 and have them find multiple news articles related to the story in order to see the event from multiple perspectives.

*CNN 10 was formerly called CNN Student News.

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