Literacy is extremely important for infusing a global perspective into the curriculum. If students can’t access information they do not stand a chance at understanding the complex world in which we live. However, when it comes to sharing news articles with students you might find that the reading level and knowledge needed to understand the article is way above them. Newsela (pronounced News ELA) is here to help your students understand the world.

The Lexile for each article on Newsela can be adjusted to match the reading level of your students. Students will receive the same information, but it will be presented in a way that they can understand. Opportunities for differentiation are abundant here since students in the same class can read articles at different reading levels, so that all students can access the information. Many Newsela articles also include a short quiz to make sure students comprehend the information fully.

On Newsela you can search for topics that you want students to learn about or you can choose from one of the themes such as “war and peace” or “arts”. Recently Newsela started to put together text sets. Each set has a powerful theme such as “Violence: Then and Now” which includes articles about topics ranging from the Middle Passage to Myanmar refugees stranded at sea.

Teaching Tips

  • Choose articles that connect to other topics discussed in class to supplement what students are learning.
  • Use Newsela for students to get background on a topic and then have them find articles from other news sources. They may be able to understand the other news articles after gaining important background information.



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