There are so many important issues to teach students about that do not exist within the boundaries of one country. Issues such as Armed Conflict, Poverty, and Gender Equality do not stay in one nation, but rather they affect individuals and societies around the world. If we want students to understand the complex nature of the world they must understand how global issues impact many different places.

TeachUNICEF provides several units on many global issues including Education, HIV/AIDS and Global Citizenship to name a few. Each unit is extremely detailed with maps, videos and background information for both teachers and students. The best part is that each unit tells a story about the global issue using real young people as examples. Instead of reading about these issues in a textbook, these issues are made real and relateable for students.

One of my favorite examples of making the stories human is from the Armed Conflict unit in the video section. UNICEF conducted a contest in a refugee camp in Jordan.  Young people aged 12-17 made one minute videos describing an aspect of their life in the refugee camp.

Teaching Tips

  • Many of the topics on TeachUNICEF are complete units. Feel free to use just the resources provided to teach about a global issue.
  • Take some time to teach background information about the countries involved in the global issues. Learning about the culture,geography and history of the different countries will help students to understand the topics more.
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