Statistics related to global topics are often hard to come by, but on IndexMundi you can find country statistics in neatly organized graphs, charts and maps. On IndexMundi you can view statistics on topics such as economy, age distributions and telecommunications.

One of my favorite sections is the IndexMundi Country Comparison where you can choose topics like physicians density, GDP, and unemployment. Once you choose a topic you will see a list of all countries ranked on this topic. For example, Afghanistan has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world while Japan and Monaco have some of the lowest infant morality rates.

Teaching Tips

  • Number are just numbers unless your students understand the meaning behind them. Have students research a statistic in a country such as Literacy in Egypt and determine what causes the statistic to be the way it is.
  • Have students compare two countries and analyze the differences between them based on the statistics on IndexMundi Country Comparison.
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