India Photos: 30 of the most beautiful places


Beaches. Mountains. Green landscapes. Ancient temples.

These are just a few of the wonders that you can explore on this CNN article called India Photos: 30 of the most beautiful places. The more students can see what different places around the world look like the more they will confront and destroy the stereotypes they have in their minds of how places should look. When students think of India they may not think of white sand beaches or mountains, but in a diverse country like India you can find it all.

Each photograph has a brief description with the location and details about the image.

Teaching Tips

  • Check out Ed Casey’s #worldgeochat post called Getting the Most Out of Photos for excellent tips on analyzing photos with your students.
  • Choose a theme such as physical/human geography, culture, or population growth and have students select details in the photos that represent the theme.
  • Assign each student a photo of India and have them research the place in the photo.
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