What Happens When All of China Goes on Vacation at Once

What Happens When All of China Goes on Vacation at Once is a news article from CNN about “chunyun” a spring migration of Chinese for the Lunar New year.  The article starts with a one minute video describing some of the shocking statistics related to the event. Called “China’s Epic Family Reunion”in the video, during chunyun almost 3 billion trips will be made to visit family for the holiday. According to the video, that is the combine population of the Americas, Africa, Europe and Oceania!

The article details the amount of money spent during the festival and how many people travel by plane, car and rail. Other than helping students to understand an important event in Chinese culture, the article also helps students to be China’s massive population into perceptive. Students know 1.3 billion is a big number, but by studying how many people travel during chunyun in can help students to process the size of the population in China.

Teaching Tips

  • Before reading the article, tell students to read about their Chinese Zodiac animal to peak their interest in the event.
  • Use the article to teach about population growth, Chinese culture or both.
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