True Size of Africa

Did you know that the United States, China, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom could all fit into the continent of Africa with room to spare?

Africa is a large continent, but you might not know that because Africa is often dwarfed on world maps by smaller continents like Europe. The proportions on maps are often incorrect, but the True Size of Africa will help you to understand Africa’s immense size.

The document includes a description of the problem of “immappancy” since many students do not not the location of countries in the world let alone their true size. As it states on the document, this is partially due to the fact that many maps are distorted.

True Size of Africa is also great for visual learners since it includes one large outline of Africa with several countries fitting inside such as the United States and China. There are also several smaller diagrams comparing Africa’s size to specific countries like Japan.

Finally, there is a list of the top 100 largest countries by land area and a chart including the land area for each of the countries that could fit into Africa.

That is a lot of information for a one page document! It is a great way to understand the size of Africa at a glance and correct your “immappancy”.

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