Africa in Stunning Photos

When people learn about Africa it is often from the perspective of Westerners. Africa in Stunning Photos from CNN showcases photos from African photographers who competed to present the challenges and opportunities in the continent of Africa.

It is a chance to get an inside glimpse at life in Africa from the perspective of Africans. The photos feature people running informal businesses, creations by children, and renewable sources of energy in the continent. Each photo has a caption with a description of how the photo relates to an important issue in Africa.

Teaching Tips

  • Check out Ed Casey’s #worldgeochat post called Getting the Most Out of Photos for excellent tips on analyzing photos with your students.
  • Have students research more about each photo especially focusing on the specific country where the photo was taken so that students develop an understanding of how countries are different from each other in Africa.
  • Discuss photos that students have of their own life that show something unique about the way they live.
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