Living on One Dollar

I am sure you have heard statistics before about people living on one dollar a day whether it be in Africa or Latin America. But, what does that really look like? As Americans we cannot begin to comprehend what that means. Nobody can live on one dollar a day in the United States.

Living on One Dollar is a documentary that features four young American men who live in rural Guatemala for two months living on one dollar a day. The men struggle through illness, hunger, and other challenges that come from living on one dollar a day. To make the situation more realistic, they pick an amount out of a hat every day ranging from one to nine dollars since people who live in poverty often have an unpredictable income. Throughout it all they meet amazing people in Guatemala who help them understand the challenges they face when trying to accomplish their goals while living in poverty.

Living On One is a foundation created by the filmmakers to focus on telling other stories that “inspire action”. The website includes trailers for other projects such as Salam Neighbor which focuses on the life of a Syrian refugee.

Living on One Dollar is available on Netflix or Amazon.

Teaching Tips

  • Have students imagine how they could live on one dollar a day before watching the documentary.
  • After watching the documentary, have students problem solve to come up with a way to end the issue of global poverty.
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