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My students often struggle to understand the purpose of the European Union often believing that the EU is a country. Letting students explore the official website of the European Union will help students to fully comprehend all of the ways that countries in the EU work together.

The EU by Topic section of the website lists all of the different programs that the EU member states actively participate in such as climate action, preserving European culture, fraud protection, and space travel. The website also includes information on all EU member states including when they joined the EU.

Ever thought about living in the EU? Check out Life and Businesses in the EU to determine the rights of citizens in the EU related to healthcare, travel, and family.

Want to focus on current events? Browse the European Union Newsroom to get daily updates on events happening throughout the EU.

Although the EU focuses heavily on economic cooperation the organization does so much more to develop interaction across borders throughout the continent.

Teaching Tips

  • Have students research a topic in the EU. Form a circle and conduct a EU conference where each student gives a brief report to the class about the topic.
  • Tell the class they are moving to the EU and they must research what it would take to live in the EU by using Life and Businesses in the EU.


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