Latin America: Beyond the stereotypes

Mexico City, Mexico

Brazil and Mexico are two of the world’s largest economies.

The world’s wealthiest person is Mexican.

Nine women have been president in Latin American countries.

These are not the stories we hear about when it comes to Latin America. Go to any news channel or website and you will hear stories of violence, poverty, and illegal immigration. All of these topics are addressed when speaking of Latin America, but not democracy, the middle class or progressive policies.

Part of the challenge of global education is pushing students to go beyond the information they are confronted with on a daily basis. In a way global education is a restructuring or reteaching of the information students believe to be true.

Latin America: Beyond the stereotypes from Aljazeera is a short video that will help students understand that Latin America is more than drugs and violence.

Teaching Tips

  • Choose a group of people such as teenagers and ask students to come up with a list of stereotypes people have about the group to help them understand that stereotypes exist for almost every group of people and are often negative or incomplete.
  • Have students find news stories about Latin America that go beyond the stereotypes. Ask them to create a short news program to highlight positive stories about the region.
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