Misconceptions about Travel

Airport in Odessa, Ukraine

Airport in Odessa, Ukraine

It is not a secret that I love to travel. I have been to close to twenty different countries and counting. My goal with writing about my travels is to encourage other people to see the world. So many people want to get out there, but sometimes fears about travel hold us back. I want to clear up a few common misconceptions about travel.

Misconception #1 : You have to be wealthy to travel.

Yes, you will have to spend money to travel, but how much you spend is not out of your control. Travel can become extremely expensive when you stay in higher end hotels, eat in tourist areas, and only focus on attractions/tours that charge admission. The travel industry and maybe even your friends would have you believe that in order to enjoy a trip you need to do these things.

However, if you stay in hostels (yes, there are nice hostels out there) or use booking sites such as Airbnb, eat local food, and focus on exploring different neighborhoods on foot in the cities you visit, you can create a more affordable and enjoyable experience.

Misconception #2: You have to go to traditional westernized travel destinations to have a good time.

The places that everyone else travels to are more expensive. If you consider less traditional destinations such as Mexico (not resort Mexico), Vietnam or Hungary you can save a lot of money while having an experience that is much more unique than the traditional destinations.

Misconception #3: Travel is unsafe. 

Traveling even to the most nontraditional of places is safe as long as you do your research. We take many risks every day by participating in mundane tasks such as driving to work. By traveling you aren’t necessarily participating in anything that is more risky than staying at home (although psychologically it might not feel like it). People all over the world live safe and healthy lives and by traveling you will too.

Misconception #4: I can’t travel because I have kids.

Babies and children live all over the world. Our world is very developed and interconnected. You can find products for babies almost anywhere in the world. Raising children is challenging no matter what. You will face some of the same challenges staying out home, so you might as well get out there!

Misconception #5: Why would I leave the U.S.? Everything I could possibly want is here.

The U.S. is a wonderful country full of beautiful scenery, cultures, and attractions. I would encourage everyone to travel around the U.S., but there is a big world out there full of beauty, food, and experiences that you can’t have here at home. As St. Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.

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