Global Oneness Project


Do you want a resource that helps students to learn about the world through powerful stories?

To use inquiry and listening skills?

To develop empathy and understanding?

When I first stumbled upon the Global Oneness Project, I was in awe.  The website has meaningful videos with stories that will engage your students.  The lesson plans are full of critical thinking questions and to top it all off each lesson is aligned to the Common Core standards. What else do you need in your classroom?

Each film is brief, but will provide a lasting impression. Take for instance, Alive and Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa. What student would not want to learn about soccer grannies?  I know, I do! Try showing the film I am Yup’ik the story of a 16 year-old Alaskan native who plays basketball in a remote area . The lesson plan accompanying the film focuses on how sports can unite a community.

Students learn so much more when you can focus on the cultural universals that tie our world together such as resilience, identity, and love. As it says on the Global Oneness website, they believe in the power of stories and you should too.

Teaching Tips

  • The main page of the website has collections such as migration, climate change, and vanishing cultures. Consider planning an entire unit based on the collection instead of focusing on a region of the world.
  • Many of the films and lessons deal with issues within the United States. Even in a non-global studies classroom, you could discuss domestic social issues and connect them to global stories with the same theme.
  • If you have a flipped classroom or want students to work independently, students could watch the films go through the lessons on their own.
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