Stories motivate, inspire, and change lives. Teachers need stories. We need to remember the impact of our profession and that what we do matters. Most importantly we need to remember that students are the center of the educational process.

JRNEY is a place for educators to share stories. Curator, Erin Dowd created the website to encourage storytelling and collaboration among teachers. Erin is a board member of the Global Goals Educator Task Force and a 2017 ASCD Emerging Leader. She is passionate about Sustainable Development Goal #4 to ensure quality education for all.

On JRNEY, you will find inspiring stories from educators, resources for global education, and information about upcoming events.

One of the most recent stories on JRNEY was written by Brett Bigham, a special education teacher. Several years ago Brett began making picture guidebooks to help make more places accessible to his students with autism. He would use the books as a tool for helping students see the steps of going on a field trip or going to the airport.  The Portland Airport heard about his project and brought him in to create a guidebook called “Let’s Fly”, which is available on the airport website. Brett has created 100 guidebooks for destinations throughout the world! His work has opened up the world for people with special needs.

Brett’s story is just one of the fantastic stories shared on JRNEY. Every educator has their own path that led them to where they are today, but one thing is for certain. All educators on JRNEY believe in empowering young people and providing them the best opportunities no matter who they are or where they come from.

Do you have a story to share? Consider becoming a contributor on JRNEY.

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