Hello! Pakistan

“Summer Wedding Hair Trends”

“Review: The Winter Skin Edit”

‘Fashion and Tea”

Hello! Pakistan

If you think I am reading these headlines in Cosmopolitian, guess again. Hello! Pakistan is a magazine that focuses on Pakistani food, beauty, fashion, and pop culture.

Hello! Pakistan Tea

I am always looking for ways to provide multiple perspectives to students especially for countries that are portrayed negatively in the media. However, it is often difficult to find sources that focus on the positive. A few years ago I challenged my students to find positive news stories and it was extraordinarily difficult. Sources like Hello! Pakistan make it easy for students to gain an entirely different perspective as they navigate away from a single story.

I stumbled upon Hello! Pakistan on Instagram and was immediately impressed by the potential for students to see Pakistani culture in a different light. Studying music, television, and food is a much more engaging way for students to look at culture than your typical news website or textbook.

Karachi Eats

Global education is all about restructuring what students believe to be true about the world. Students may already believe they understand places like Pakistan because of what they have previously seen, but Hello! Pakistan will expand their world view.

Pakistani Wedding

Say Hello! Pakistan and goodbye to stale and negative interpretations of culture.




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