Instagram in the Global Classroom


If you are not familiar with the concept, Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to post images with text. You can potentially communicate with thousands of people at once using hashtags and by allowing your followers to see what you post.

You might be wondering what this has to do with global education, but there are numerous accounts that students can follow that will change their perspective about the world.

Students yearn to use social media at school so much that many schools do not allow it (for understandable reasons). Let’s help students harness the powerful potential of social media to communicate with people throughout the world in a positive way.

Here are some potential Instagram accounts to check out.

The Halal EaterĀ 


The Halal Eater is a blog that shares information about where to find the best halal food in Singapore. It is a different way to approach teaching about Halal (a set of food principles followed by many Muslims). The Halal Eater posts daily images of food in Singapore. You can use the photos to discuss why the food in the image is considered halal and discover multiculturalism in Singapore at the same time.

The Halal Eater


Everyday Africa


I wrote about the Everyday Africa Project Curriculum in a previous post. The curriculum is based off of the Everyday Africa Instagram account. Students will be able to view real pictures of life in Africa to discover the diversity of experiences throughout the continent. Also, check out #everydayafrica which lets anyone post pictures of life in Africa.

Everyday Africa

A woman hangs laundry in Takira, Uganda on May 29, 2012. Photo by Peter DiCampo.


Iran is safe


Iran is safe showcases beautiful photography in order to dispel the negative image Iran often has in the media.The photos show peaceful countryside, bazaars, and wildlife. Students will have a completely different approach to studying Iran after viewing these images. Before examining the photos have students make a list of their impressions of Iran and then see if they still think of Iran the same way after viewing Iran is safe.

Iran is safe

Hello! Pakistan


I recently wrote aboutĀ Hello! Pakistan, a magazine which features Pakistani restaurants, fashion, celebrities and many other topics. On Instagram, Hello! Pakistan posts pictures that will help students relate to Pakistani culture and see it in a positive light.

Pakistani Wedding

The Global Goals


The Global Goals represent a shift in global education. With photos of celebrities and info graphics, students can see what the 17 global goals are all about, which will encourage them to dig deeper into the topic. With 155 thousand followers on Instagram, they are truly on their way to making the global goals famous in order to end poverty and inequality.

The Global Goals

If students do not have Instagram accounts, you can view them together as a class.

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