Geography Now!

As a global studies teacher you cannot possibly teach students about every country in the world.

Or can you?

With Geography Now!, you finally have a realistic chance of introducing students to every country in the world!

Geography Now! is a You Tube channel with a video for every country. Each video is brief, but full of fun and useful information. The host is energetic and keeps your attention throughout.

Hold on to your seat as the host (Barby) goes through sights, population facts, history, and random fun facts at top speeds creating a complete tour for each country. Whether the host is talking about practical information such as cities, political boundaries, the flag or random fun facts students will have no choice but to be fully engaged.

Teaching Tips

  • Have students create their own video by researching information about a country including similar information from Geography Now!.
  • Use the videos as a bell-ringer, giving students time to share the interesting information they learned from the video.
  • If you have a flipped classroom you can assign the videos as homework or assign the videos as part of an independent study giving students a choice in which videos they watch.
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