School Lunches From Around the World

Does it ever seem difficult to engage students? I know I am not the only one that thinks helping students see connections between themselves and other cultures is challenging. Sometimes small ideas can trigger a major impact on a student’s understanding of the world.


School Lunch in Finland


The article Photos of School Lunches From Around the World Will Make American Kids Want to Study Abroad is a simple way to teach students about other cultures while focusing on something they are very passionate about: school lunch. Students are keenly aware of what the school serves them on a daily basis and are more than willing to discuss it (or complain). Harness that frustration about school lunch into a conversation about the world. Each image has the potential to trigger discussions about health, culture, and the role of school in providing lunch.


School Lunch in South Korea


Teaching Tips

  • Let students tell you what they notice about each photo before explaining it.
  • Have students compare and contrast each image with their own experience with school lunch.
  • Conduct research with the class about the role of school lunch in other countries. Many of the foreign exchange students that have visited my classroom went home for lunch, which is very uncommon in the United States.
  • While you are thinking about food, check out What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?
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