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When searching for current events to share with students, I look for high interest articles that are relevant. On news websites, you will find article after article with gasp worthy headlines, but high quality educational content can be hard to find. Where are the stories that will excite students and motivate them to learn about the world?

Look no further than the National Geographic Education Blog. Full of current, high interest stories on a variety of topics, you will have no trouble keeping the attention of your students while informing them about our wonderful world. Take these headlines for example.

Orange Snow in Eastern Europe

“Orange Snow in Eastern Europe”



“Iceland is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1,000 Years”



Viking Sunstone

“Vikings Could Have Used ‘Sunstones’ to Navigate The North Atlantic”


If these headlines don’t draw you in, I don’t know what will!

Each article includes images, background information to enhance your understanding of the topic, discussion questions, and of course, maps! It is National Geographic after all.

Spend some time exploring the National Geographic Education Blog with your classes. Your students will be glad you did.

Teaching Tips

  • Have students become the “expert” on one of the articles and have them use the resources included with the article to explain different aspects of the topic to the class.
  • Give students time to explore the blog and find articles that interest them. Then have them conduct more research on the topic that interests them.
  • Use the blog to enhance your study of a region of the world by finding articles that relate.
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