18 photos reveal the extreme ways kids get to school around the world

Walking to School

I walked five miles to school every day…


in the snow…

without a coat…

with a fifty pound back pack…

and a broken leg.

We have heard the cliché stories about how difficult it was to get to school. An examination of 18 photos reveal the extreme ways kids get to school around the world will help students visualize the experiences of students around the world as they travel to school. It will make riding the yellow school bus not seem so daunting after all.

Yet, many students take transportation to school and their education for granted. In the United States school is paid for, transportation provided, and teachers trained (There are glaring inequities in our school system, but you get my point.)

I once spent an entire class period explaining to students how school funding works. Students were surprised to hear that even though they don’t pay for school in a public education system the cost per pupil can average around $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the location.

These images are awe-inspiring and really force students to think differently about getting to school. Students might even start to appreciate some of the aspects of our public school system that they may take for granted.

Teaching Tips

  • Ask students to closely examine one of the photos and write a short story detailing what life might be like for those students including both positive and challenging aspects.
  • Ask students to research more information about schooling in one of the locations in order to develop the context of the photo.
  • Have students compare and contrast their journey to school with the students in the photos.
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