Top 10 Hotels Near Disneyland Paris (2023 Guide) – Trips To Discover


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Disneyland Paris is high on the itineraries of those who visit both Europe and France. The gargantuan entertainment resort is among the biggest and most frequented on the continent. There are two theme parks, a kaleidoscope of rides, a never-ending supply of restaurants, and seven hotels. From my experience of visiting theme parks around the world, choosing a comfy accommodation is a must for a smooth and hassle-free time. Here are the top hotels near Disneyland Paris that will give you peace of mind while at the French mega attraction.

General advice on choosing a top hotel near Disneyland Paris:

While it’s definitely enticing to actually live right in the park, you can save a lot of money by booking accommodation outside. Disneyland Paris is well-connected to both Paris and surrounding towns by RER urban train. Also, the hotels near the resort offer shuttles (free and for a fee).

What all of it means for an average traveler is that there’s definitely a choice here. Generally, the hotels inside the borders of Disneyland Paris are better for a turnkey experience without any transportation hassle. Also, they are Disney-themed, so they serve as a continuation of all the park fun. If you feel like you can navigate around yourself and can ditch the themed part, opt for the lodgings in the vicinity and cut the prices in half.